a new tomorrow Final Cover

Nick Brodeur and Urban Mystic : A New Tomorrow – Video Release

On behalf of SoBe Entertainment, we are pleased to present the visuals for “A New Tomorrow.”  This song is a tribute to the lives lost & the families left behind from the injustices & tragedies occurring too often between our citizens, law enforcement and terrorists.  To fully eradicate terrorism, racism & bigotry, we must unite all genders, races, classes, religions & cultures for the preservation of our race, the human race.”Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Shot in both 4K & using 360 technology (available to be viewed in VR), these videos serve as a reminder to us of our nation’s present and past, while basking in the optimism of a brighter & new tomorrow for our children. Please spread the message of love and peace & share this…. #ANewTomorrow