Steve Fertil, p/k/a Steve Reason, is a multi-talented artist who started singing at the early age of 10 and began playing sax when he was 12. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Reason was exposed to many forms of music at an early age. His exposure to several musical genres such as Rock, Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, World Music, Kompa, Latin and Reggae, have all contributed to his unique musical style. In middle school, he fell in love with the saxophone and with being a consummate musician. Eventually, he wanted more than being recognized as a young musician, so he took the initiative and started his first band, calling it “2EZ.” That band, comprised of high school juniors and seniors, played at local events weekly, before several of its members eventually enrolled in various colleges.

After the break up of the band and eager to expand his horizons, Steve enlisted in the U.S. Marines Corp. Joining the Marines Corp. enabled him to serve his country and see the world. He served one year in Washington D.C., where he performed Ceremonial Duties at Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon and the White House. By his second year in the Corp., he was serving in the Middle East, supporting our nation’s efforts for “Iraqi Freedom.” After his honorable discharge from the Marines, Reason came home to Miami. His passion and love for music led him to enroll at Florida Memorial University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, with a concentration in Jazz Studies.

While pursuing his college education, Steve promoted his songs and unique style at local poetry-spots, nightclubs, private events and overseas at times. Along his journey, Steve encountered his fair share of struggles and obstacles – the biggest one losing his father to liver cancer. Moving forward, Steve’s purpose in life is to cover as much ground as possible and he has set new limits and boundaries for himself and others. His ultimate purpose in life is to help others fulfill their dreams.

After graduating college in 2011, Reason formed another band, this one dubbed “Reasonable Doubt.” However, in an effort at self-discovery and while experimenting to find “his own” signature sound and music, Reason decided to take a break from the band and began concentrating on his individual career. He started doing gigs; solo, as a singer and saxophone player, while performing at weekend parties and at other nightclub venues located in the south Florida area. Slowly, Reason’s reputation grew and his performances began making their way onto YouTube channels.

His recurring YouTube clips were responsible for him eventually touring worldwide as a saxophone player for platinum-selling and international recording artist, Mia Martina. This unique opportunity enabled Reason to continue building his name internationally as a world-renowned saxophone player, while performing regularly in countries such as Canada, the United States, Russia, Turkey, and Europe.

While touring as a saxophonist, Reason started working on a debut album. In the interim, Reason took whatever gigs he could get so as to network to create opportunities. This work ethic eventually landed Reason features on other artists’ projects. While working on a record for Miami rapper Stack$, who also serves as President of SoBe Entertainment, Reason was asked to play on a track for SoBe’s CEO, Dr. Cecile D. Barker. Barker was producing that specific record as a tribute to Nelson Mandela, prior to Mandela’s passing. After hearing and seeing Reason play live on the Mandela record, titled “Mandela: We Thank You,” Barker offered Reason a recording contract with SoBe. And so be it, after many years of grinding, Reason’s musical odyssey began that day, proving hard work was finally paying off.

Reason has now completed his debut album, “Let’s Have Sax.” This collection of love songs contains musical tributes to two of his iconic idols, Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela. His first single, “French Love,” is being shipped now in the first quarter of 2014. With the debut album now complete, Reason is presently rehearsing with his new band, preparing to embark on a national tour in support of his album. Listeners worldwide are going to have to get their ears ready for Reason’s unique fusion of R&B & Jazz. He is not just a saxophonist … he is a singer, dancer, producer, songwriter, and performer. The winner of “Musician of the Month” by Star Central Magazine, he is working towards gaining many other awards in his musical career. With his album set for commercial release in June, the world will be enthralled with his music and artistic talent. He is a new and fresh versatile artist with the talent, attitude, drive and ambition to become a successful entertainer with a longstanding career.